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Fortune & Feng Shui 2014 - Rooster (english)

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Author: Too Lillian & Jennifer

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The ROOSTER enjoys the full benefits of good feng shui winds, which bring the Heavenly Star Number 6 and also the powerful Ho Tu combination of 1/6. This particular Ho Tu brings the luck of knowledge and wisdom. It enhances feelings of happiness through the year and enables you to ignore minor conflicts that may otherwise cause you to feel agitated and exhausted. But you need to enhance your self-confidence and strengthen your Life Force to take fullest advantage of the good fortune indications in the year’s charts.

Activate the star of 6 and HO TU energies in the feng shui chart to take fullest advantage of your excellent personal Wind Horse. Your lung ta is at peak level this year which means you enjoy tremendous success luck. Invite the great KUBERA, Bringer of Wealth and Lord of Horses into your office to increase your stamina and confidence.

Those looking for a soul mate or marriage partner can activate the effect of the Peach Blossom Star this year. Get your timing right. Note the best months for you to make important decisions and discover powerful new ways to enjoy yet greater victories. Install fast-working astrological remedies and feng shui enhancers to enjoy a truly joyful ride in this aggressive year of the WOOD HORSE 2014. The people that are Rooster Chinese zodiac sign include those born in 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945 & 1933.

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  • Published 2013

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Fortune & Feng Shui 2014 - Rooster (english)

Fortune & Feng Shui 2014 - Rooster (english)

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