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  • Therapists trying too hard to appeal to their uncooperative adolescent clients risk losing cases before they are even underway. These kids are quick to pick up on the therapist who struggles to be helpful, be liked, make conversation, and not upset. So worried is the therapist about saying the "wrong" thing, he or she may wind up saying too little that is...

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  • A lively and straightforward introduction to brief therapy for counselors and counseling students. This book enables readers to establish a brief counseling mindset, master key steps of the solution ...

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  • Children who have been traumatized and who cannot talk about their experiences-either because they have pledged their silence or because they do not know the words-will subconsciously call for help through their art. The development of the "human figure drawing" (HFD) and the "kinetic family drawing" (KFD) and their scoring systems has brought a...

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  • Therapists are often thrust into supervisory positions with little preparation. Here is a book that gives them not only the basics of supervision but also creative, active techniques to open up new perspectives on therapeutic situations.

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  • Stories shape our memories, our lives and the interactions in our families. Since one cannot talk about problems without telling stories, they are central to therapy. This book encourages therapists to become more intentional in using narrative by providing a coherent conceptual frame. It also describes a range of techniques for working with stories, and...

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  • This book is for those who "work in the trenches" of child welfare and family services. Caseworkers often go into the worst situations and have insufficient time to make effective interventions.

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  • Solution talk is a term Furman and Ahola use to refer to a constructive and agreeable manner of talking with people about problems. A conversation dominated by "solution talk" rather than ...

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  • For Erickson aficionados, this book is a real treat - hundreds of Erickson's published and unpublished cases compiled, organized, and summarized. Erickson was avowedly a theoretical and seldom set down precise treatment guidelines; rather, he told the stories of the many patients he had seen in therapy.

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  • Gracie hasn't left her house in thirty years out of fear she'll be contaminated. Jerry spent hours each day picking up debris on the subway platform. Norm's bridge phobia led him into alcoholism messed up his marriage and alienated his children. David - bright, young, ambitious - feared he'd lose his job because he so dreaded giving sales presentations....

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  • EMDR : The revolutionary new therapy for freeing the mind, clearing the body, and opening the heart. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) has helped thousands of clients haunted by terrible abuse histories or recent traumatic events.

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  • "A valuable and timely contribution to the field of trauma. It draws on a broad diversity of historical, political, and scientific knowledge, woven together in a clear, readable fashion." Patricia Watson, National Center for PTSD "A work of original and solid scholarship that will be a notable contribution to the study of traumatic stress." Patricia...

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  • The power of reflexology becomes more well-known every day. It is used worldwide. BeVo, the professional reflexology organisation in Belgium, organised it?s first conference about Maternity Reflexology and Pelvic Instability. Three speakers and four trainers shared their knowledge and practises with you.

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  • Deze nieuwe editie van het Handboek Managementvaardigheden leert studenten en managers de managementvaardigheden die ze in het bedrijfsleven nodig hebben.

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  • Addressing acupuncture from a unique perspective, Acupuncture: An Anatomical Approach abandons the traditional oriental medicine approach in favor of a carefully analytic scientific presentation.

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  • The 2nd edition of this highly successful essential clinical reference provides concise, evidence-based information on 69 popular forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and 46 common conditions frequently treated with CAM. Each section has a clear and accessible design for quick decision-making, and includes an analysis of the most...

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  • In this extensive collection, 145 practitioners from around the world tell how CranioSacral Therapy, a method of using gentle pressure to evaluate and improve the functioning of the central nervous system, has made a difference in their clients' lives.

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  • De traditionele anatomische werken zijn vaak geschreven als leidraad bij de dissectie en studie van het lijk. Voor de chirurg is deze benadering wellicht uiterst geschikt, maar voor studenten die geïnteresseerd zijn in de studie van de levende mens en deze kennis functioneel willen gebruiken bij het begrijpen van de mechanismen van de menselijke beweging,...

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  • Many therapists provide psycho-educational information and recommend helpful literature to their clients as a means of promoting growth and change in between sessions. This unique sourcebook provides a comprehensive collection of over 100 concise, informative handouts for distribution to your current or prospective clients.

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  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Child and Adolescent Care highlights the contribution of complementary and alternative medicine to paediatric health care. In three clearly defined sections, it will be an invaluable guide for paediatric nurses, health visitors, and nursery nurses as well as other health practitioners including physiotherapists...

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  • In LaStone Therapy, bestselling Detox author Jane Scrivner introduces you to an exciting new form of bodywork. LaStone massage therapy is a modern technique drawing on ancient Native American traditions and using heated and cooled stones on the body.

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  • Taoist Master Loy Ching-Yuen, a teacher of martial and healing arts in the early 1900's from Shanghai, wrote The Supreme Way to give his students an understanding of how China's three great religious traditions have co-existed for two thousand years. Occasionally breath-taking in its description of the process of higher Taoist meditation, The Supreme Way...

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  • Minor Injuries is a unique and accessible guide to the clinical examination and treatment of minor injuries. It brings essential knowledge and skills together in a single text. A comprehensive range o ...

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  • In Religion and Nothingness the leading representative of the Kyoto School of Philosophy lays the foundations of thought for a world in the making, for a world united beyond the differences of East and West. Keiji Nishitani notes the irreversible trend of Western civilization to nihism, and singles out the conquest of nihilism as the task for contemporary...

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  • The advances of modern biomedicine have provided a sophisticated but somewhat mechanistic approach to healih. It is an approach which is able to function well in emergencies, but which has fallen down in the more basic areas of maintaining and creating health.

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  • Aren’t you having stressful days? Aren’t you feeling sick, or having worries at work or home?If you change your way of thinking and your mental attitude a little, your days will be much happier and more cheerful.Then, you will be aware that you are a member of your family and of mankind, and will come to know how you should live and how to deal with...

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  • Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture explores the theory and practice of Chinese medicine, examining its effectiveness in treating common disorders such as pain, substance abuse, asthma, digestive disorders, depression, and CNS malfunctions.

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  • About Hahnemann Revisited A magnificent treatise in the foundations, healing process and chronic miasms of Homeopathy. Of special interest are the explanations of LM potencies, Homeopathy and its relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cancer, bowel nosodes, delusions, and epidemic and intrauterine prescribing. Dr De Schepper clearly demonstrates...

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  • The first basic science book written specifically for students and practitioners learning to use structured touch or soft tissue and movement therapy as their main modality. Sandy Fritz along with co-authors Kathleen Maison Paholsky and M. James Grosenbach, brings readers a well-organized, comprehensive, userfriendly text.

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  • Dr. Verma teaches how to channel mental, spiritual, and sexual energy into healing energy. If you want to live a sensuous and emotionally fulfilled life, her philosophy of a gentle but joyous compassion for all life will surely be an inspiration!

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  • The book provides a collection of 355 efficient, valuable and most famous Chinese patent medicines which are classified in six categories: medicine for internal diseases, gynecopathy, pediatric and surgical diseases, the diseases of five sense organs and health care.

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  • Grounded in ancient hands-on methods of diagnosis and treatment while encompassing the innovations of the early experimental osteopaths, craniosacrally-based treatment is now one of the most successful and fastest-growing approaches to mind-body healing. Providing access to the unity of structure and function in the organism, such therapy offers a...

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  • The authors successfully utilize solution-focused therapy in their work with problem drinkers, but it is their philosophy of working with clients - and within clients' belief systems - to encourage change that is at the heart of their model. The model, grounded in the philosophy of solution-focused brief therapy, introduces a paradigmatic change in the...

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  • Chinese Medicine has used the healing properties of herbs for centuries. Now, an esteemed professor of Chinese medicine, Henry C. Lu, has put together this collection of over 100 ancient herbal healing techniques that are as stimulating to the mind as they are to the body. Find out how they were discovered and how to use their amazing cures. Classic tales...

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  • Anthroposophical medicine is conventional medicine with an added extra dimension. For all its invaluable achievements, conventional practice is limited by its foundation on natural science - the science of the physical world. Diseases are analysed in terms of cellular disturbances and drugs prescribed to counteract physical symptoms. Yet, in order to...

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  • Ayurveda, the ancient Indian "science of longevity", is a holistic healing system that restores internal balance, health, and a sense of well-being through consistent attention to natural lifestyle, good eating habits, and the healing power of herbs.

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  • Chinese-English Manual of Common-Used Prescriptions in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a reference book for practical use. This book contains 324 entries of original prescriptions and 131 appendix prescriptions. All of them have been proved to be effective and commonly used in the past and covers those usually applied in various departments of TCM,...

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  • We have edited a series of books for self-study which will form the basis of a series of publications to enlighten those who have some basic knowledge of what Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about. The publications will enhance the knowledge and bring further understanding of the essence and teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will bring...

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  • This landmark achievement brings together 30 of the outstanding lectures from the Third International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

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  • Ceci est un livre d'autohypnose, un livre qui invite le lecteur, à chaque ligne, avec chaque exercice, à regarder à l'intérieur de lui ; les exercices sont conçus pour que le lecteur entre en contact avec ses ressources intérieures, pour ouvrir des portes et trouver des chemins, et ainsi résoudre d'une manière salutaire et protégée les difficultés qu'il...

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