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  • The first English translation with commentary of three classic Taoist texts on immortality: Translates The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic, The Immortals, and The Three Treasures of Immortality; Defines the Taoist concept of immortality and examines the lives and practices of Taoists who achieved this state; Reveals the steps needed to achieve...

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  • A tous les amoureux de ce trésor de la Chine antique, à tous ceux qui sont en quête de sagesse et de spiritualité, cette nouvelle traduction commentée du Tao Te King fournira un moyen simple et pratique d'insuffler une nouvelle conscience dans leur quotidien.

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  • Taoist Esoteric Yoga is an ancient, powerful system of physical, psychological and spiritual development encompassing meditative and internal energy practices. This unique and comprehensive book reveals the Taoist secret of awakening and circulating Chi, the generative Life force, through the acupuncture meridians of the body.

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  • Taoist ways to improve your health by rejuvenating your bone marrow and blood.

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  • In this witty guide, a Taoist sexuality expert offers advice to couples on harmonizing two unique sexual personalities so that both partners may increase the frequency, duration, and intensity of their orgasms. Encouraging readers to incorporate spirituality into their sex lives, he suggests that ultimate satisfaction is only obtainable after two lovers...

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  • Tao and Dharma: Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda explores the enduring features of humanity's longest and continually practiced systems of medicine. These two indigenous healing arts arising independently in China and India communed and exchanged experience, techniques, and therapeutic substances over the epochs of their development. This book's interesting...

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  • The "Tao Teh Ching" is one of the most frequently translated and most cherished works in the world. This ancient Chinese classic, written around 500 B.C., presents the core of Taoist philosophy and provides a bridge to the subtle truth as well as a practical guideline for natural and harmonious living. It is generally believed that Lao Tzu left behind...

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  • "Eternal Light" is for those who are seeking achievement and a vivid, living model of a spiritual way of life.

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  • Master Mantak Chia reveals for the first time to the general public, the ancient sexual secrets of the Taoist sages. These secrets enable men to conserve and transform sexual energy through its circulation in the Microcosmic Orbit, invigorating and rejuvenating the body's vital functions.

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  • Virtually all Western massage is massage primarily of the muscles. Whatever its virtues, Western massage is altogether different from Chi Massage. Tao Rejuvenation employs one's own internal energy, Chi energy, to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs - eyes, ears, nose, tongue, teeth and skin - and the inner organs. The techniques used by Taoists...

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  • Training in Daoist Magic from the Zheng Yi School of Ancient Chinese Mysticism

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  • Dans ce livre un ensemble d'articles posthumes et souvent introuvables du grand historien disparu. Ils composent un aperçu très complet des religions chinoises classiques comme de la religion populaire moderne. En ce moment où le taoïsme suscite un intérêt grandissant dans les milieux orientalistes comme dans le grand public, la présente édition, qui...

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