• The fascinating Tibetan medical system has never been so clearly explained as in this collection of outstanding lectures presented at the University of Virginia in 1980.

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  • To the Sufis, the healing of the sick is considered to be the most important of all services to humanity. For the first time in the West, the author presents the secret principles and practices of this divine science, based on the 800-year tradition of the Chishti Order. Among the many topics covered are dietary recommendations of the Prophet, the...

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  • In this remarkable, contemporary presentation of the theory and practice of Tibetan medicine, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, long-time personal physician of H.H. the Dalai Lama, draws from over fifty years' experience practicing and teaching this ancient tradition of healing. This volume vividly presents a series of lectures Dr. Dhonden gave before a group of health...

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  • Traditional East Asian healthcare systems have moved rapidly from the fringes of healthcare systems in the West towards the centre over the past 50 years. This change of status for traditional medicines presents their practitioners with both opportunities and challenges as the focus shifts from one of opposition towards one of integration into...

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  • Quintessence Tantras of Tibetan Medicine contains the first complete translation of the Root Tantra and Explanatory Tantra of Tibetan medicine. The most thorough, detailed and systematic reference for Tibetan medicine in English, it contains the Tibetan views and defining characteristics of healthy and diseased bodies. The remarkable diagnostic techniques...

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  • The aim of this book is to give the student and public alike a clear understanding of reflexology, how it works, and why it differs from other therapies. The scope of the work and its all-embracing range of benefits is remarkable. Massaging the reflex areas of the feet helps to increase blood circulation and relax tension in the nervous system. It also...

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  • Like its classic predecessor, Asian Medical Systems, Paths to Asian Medical Knowledge significantly expands the study of Asian medicine. These essays ask how patients and practitioners know what they know—what evidence of disease or health they consider convincing and what cultural traditions and symbols guide their thinking.

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  • La médecine progresse chaque jour, mais il n'est pas toujours évident pour nous, simples patients de comprendre les applications de nouvelles découvertes.

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  • Selon les concepts nosologiques traditionnels et dans un système de pensée occidentale, "Acupuncture et médecine orientale. Prévention et Thérapeutique" a pour objectif de rassembler les données de textes classiques orientaux et celles des expériences modernes.

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