SEIRIN® type B - 0.30x30mm, brown handle, 100pcs
  • SEIRIN® type B - 0.30x30mm, brown handle, 100pcs
  • SEIRIN® type B - 0.30x30mm, brown handle, 100pcs
  • SEIRIN® type B - 0.30x30mm, brown handle, 100pcs

Seirin® 0,30 x 30 mm - B8-30 - zonder naaldgeleider (100 naalden/doos)

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SEIRIN® travaille constamment à aider les thérapeutes dans leur travail, ce qui rend leur travail plus facile.


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The new and improved SEIRIN® B-type needle includes some innovative enhancements to the popular acupuncture needle.

Precise handling
The form, design and colour of the handle of the B-type needle have been improved.
You will be able to get a better grip of the handle thanks to the new corrugated form. A slip of the finger on the handle can now be almost totally ruled out.
The needle has been incorporated exactly in the middle of the handle. This means that the needle can be inserted with the usual gentleness and even greater precision.
The colours of the new handle are now brighter and bolder. Missing a needle at the end of the treatment session is effectively prevented.

Quick opening
The packaging can be opened easily and quickly with one hand. Struggling to open the packaging is now a thing of the past. The different handle colour for each size of needle has been strictly adhered to for the packaging. Users will immediately recognise the needle size by the packaging. This is an advantage, especially when you are working with different needle sizes.

Easy removal
The tried and tested easy-to-open blister pack can now be opened even more easily thanks to its being 5 mm longer. With this packaging, you can choose whether you want to use just one needle or all of the needles. Furthermore, SEIRIN® has improved the seal of the blister pack. There is no chance of impurity or contamination.

SEIRIN® is constantly working on helping therapists in their work, making their job easier.
Your patients will thank you for it!



Hoeveelheid per doos
100 stuks
0,30 x 30 mm

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