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Yoga... The Art of Living - the Hunza-yoga way to health and longer life



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The secrets of lasting youth are yours in Renée Taylor's authoritative guide to a healthier and longer life. Drawing from the lifestyle and diet of the longlived Hunza people and from the ancient wisdom of Yoga, here is a program for vital living illustrated with almost 200 action photographs and drawings.

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Renewal of spirit and of body is the goal of this unique guide to physical and mental harmony, based on the author's travels among the legendary Himalayan Hunzas, who are reported to thrive well into the second century of life, and on her work as a disciple and instructor in the ancient traditions of Yoga.

She explains the simple but enriching lifestyle of the Hunzas and its relevance to our hurried lives, and explores the basic principles of Yoga and how to apply them in breathing, in exercise that stretches and tones the muscles, in eating and in daily life. Nearly 70 exercises are described and illustrated in detail, and a final section on relaxation shows how to rid ourselves of the buildup of stress that gnaws at our well-being.


Rayon Yoga
Auteur TAYLOR Renée
Published 1992
Pages 215
Language Engels


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