• Une étonnante méthode vietnamienne de réflexologie faciale

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  • In den Reflexzonen der Füsse spiegeln sich alle Körperregionen und Organe wider. Dieses bewährte Mikrosystem und die Behandlung über die Reflexzonen am Fuss ist in Europa seit fast 50 Jahren bekannt.

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  • Nach nunmehr acht Auflagen hat das Werk Reflexzonen und Somatotopien längst den Ruf eines "modernen Klassikers". Die neue, neunte Auflage ist vollständig überarbeitet und erweitert. Alle Neuerungen an theoretischen und praktischen Erkenntnissen sind integriert.

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  • Une première représentation de l'oreille indique les correspondances avec les organes ou parties du corps. Une deuxième est consacrée aux correspondances avec les différents états psychologiques. Un texte explicatif et des instructions de traitement se trouvent également sur la planche.

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  • Foot reflexology is now widely used to relieve symptoms of many disorders. Hanne Marquardt is a pioneer in teaching and practicing foot reflexology in Germany - many of today's practicing foot reflexologists were trained at her well-established teaching institution. This book, based on the best-selling fourth German edition, has been constantly reviewed...

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  • This brand new resource provides all the underpinning knowledge required for the VTCT and ITEC qualifications. Its user-friendly format and many photographs make this text extremely accessible and an essential resource for anyone training for practice in reflexology. Unlike other books, each massage move is illustrated with a photograph making the...

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  • The power of reflexology becomes more well-known every day. It is used worldwide. BeVo, the professional reflexology organisation in Belgium, organised it?s first conference about Maternity Reflexology and Pelvic Instability. Three speakers and four trainers shared their knowledge and practises with you.

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  • This book is an essential guide written for all students and practitioners of Reflexology. Completely revised, the new edition includes a two-colour design to further enhance its user-friendly approach. It provides extensive coverage and a balanced account of the fundamentals of practice in one readable and accessible volume. The new edition includes a...

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