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  • Heilung im Sinne von A. Roesti bedeutet Harmonisierung von Tierbesitzer und Patient an Körper, Geist und Seele. Der Arzt muss bei der Behandlung des Tieres also immer auch den Menschen mit einbeziehen.

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  • How do solutions develop? This question leads de Shazer to a provocative discussion of all the solution-related things that client and therapist do during a session, which ultimately point to a task that says, "Now that you know what works, do more of it."

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  • Kinderen zijn vaak bang. Het past bij de normale ontwikkeling dat kinderen met angst, piekeren en bezorgdheid reageren als ze worden geconfronteerd met situaties die bedreigend zijn. Kinderen kunnen echter lijden aan angsten die zo hevig en langdurig zijn dat hun ontwikkeling erdoor wordt belemmerd.

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  • "Zo ben ik nu eenmaal". Veel mensen denken dat hun gedrag een vast gegeven is. Niets is minder waar. Dit boek laat zien hoe u bewust kunt kiezen voor het meest effectieve gedrag, zodat u uw doelen bereikt. Aan de hand van het interactiemodel De Roos van Leary leert u inzicht te krijgen in communicatieprocessen.

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  • Mediation in praktijk gaat over conflictbemiddeling - mediation - in de breedste zin van het woord. Te denken valt aan echtparen die op een respectvolle manier willen scheiden, werknemers en werkgevers in een arbeidsconflict, ouders die in conflict raken met instanties als de jeugdhulpverlening en aan het onderwijs dat moet investeren in een 'vreedzame'...

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  • Coaching is de managementstijl van horizontale organisatie. Evenwaardigheid, zelfsturing en commitment zijn daarbij centrale begrippen. De manager-coach is gericht op de ontwikkeling van zelfsturende teams en individuen. Coaching is het type leiderschap dat kernachtig te omschrijven is als 'sturen zonder de baas te spelen'. In zijn eerdere boek 'Managen...

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  • Kun je echt plezier hebben in je werk? Ja, als je je innerlijke obstakels maar uit de weg ruimt, zoals faalangst, uitstelgedrag, twijfel, angst voor verandering, onzekerheid, verveling en andere hersenspinsels waarmee je jezelf in de weg zit.

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  • "In a graceful style, Dorothy R. Freeman explains the concepts, principles, and skills that underlie her work with young, middle-aged, and elderly couples in marital crisis and with those preparing for marriage, divorce, or remarriage. Complete case histories provide an exciting look inside the process of marital counseling. This casebook is a wise and...

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  • Anatomy of the Moving Body is a complete, lecture-based course in bones, muscles, and joints designed specifically for dancers and movement educators. With Thirty-one elegantly illustrated chapters, each covering a distinct region of the body.Anatomy of the Moving Body is a complete, lecture-based course in bones, muscles, and joints designed specifically...

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  • Coloring helps you learn complex physiology in an enjoyable way.

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  • This authoritative dictionary contains 6,000 complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine terms, designed to be a definitive resource for all key terms related to complementary and alternative medicine. Concise, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand definitions are accessible to all readers, regardless of previous knowledge of the field.

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  • Double happiness sweat shirt brown (one size)

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  • This 2017 Grand Duke Charm (Tai Sui Talisman) is becoming more refined in esthetics and quality. It provides powerful protection and safeguard against many dangers from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Similar to previous years, we continue to incorporate the authentic current year's "Tai Sui Mantra" onto it for genuine protection.

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  • Tea Light Zengarden "Love" (10 X 10 cm)

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  • Tea Light Zengarden "Peace" (10 x 10 cm)

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  • Labradorite Small Turtle (5 cm)

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  • Ce livre, écrit par le Docteur Michel Van Wassenhoven, a pour but d'éclairer les patients qui ont choisi comme méthode de thérapie l'homéopathie.

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  • Wang Le-ting was one of the architects of modern Chinese acupuncture.

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  • Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or another muscle injury related stress and overexertion? Have you been told your only option for getting rid of your pain are drugs, splints, cortisone shot or surgery? Have you been told that pinched nerves are causing the aching, numbness, tingling or intense pain in your muscles, joints and back?

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  • Aesthetics, elegance, timelessness

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  • Cette histoire vraie commence dans un marais où le personnage du récit est venu se perdre pour conclure une vie dénuée de sens. Des années plus tard, après un pèlerinage imprévu et déroutant, le même personnage, campé fermement sur ses deux pieds, considère calmement le marais comme source de vie. Entre temps, que s'est-il passé ? Larzac, Dalaï Lama, sud...

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  • Part of Micozzi's Medical Guides to Complementary and Alternative Medicine series, this practical text provides a thorough introduction to classical homeopathic medicine--incorporating its unique view of health and disease, its place in the health care system, and homeopathic clinical practice. It evaluates this alternative system of medicine in terms of...

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  • In this work, the authors springing from different scientific disciplines set down in common their knowledge and experiences to provide one explicit model of the nature and of the working of "High Dilutions". This original and multi disciplinary concensus has, as consequence, integrated the mechanism of the High Dilutions into the corpus of the Science...

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  • A Therapist's Guide to EMDR reviews the theoretical basis for EMDR and presents new information on the neurobiology of trauma. It provides a detailed explanation of the procedural steps along with helpful suggestions and modifications.

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  • The importance of the discovery and establishment by Hahnemann of the Homoeopathic truth, and its acceptance by so large a number of the profession and the public, in spite of the erroneous judgement of his labours and the malevolent opposition he encountered, render it a sacred obligation to dissipate the misconceptions, which in many cases, have arisen...

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  • Starting with the Foreword by Daniel Siegel, MD, the Handbook demonstrates in superb detail how you can combine EMDR?s information processing approach with family systems perspectives and therapy techniques. An impressive and needed piece of work, Handbook of EMDR and Family Therapy Processes provides a clear and comprehensive bridge between individual...

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  • Twenty-four of the world's leading theoreticians and clinicians discussed and debated their theories and techniques at the first Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference. Included are Beck, Bowen, Bettelheim, Ellis, the Gouldings, Haley, Laing, Lazarus, Madanes, Marmor, Masterson, May, Minuchin, Moreno, the Polsters, Rogers, Rossi, Sanford, Satir, Szasz,...

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  • Most of us want to be successful. Some of us spend more time than others dreaming of success, planning for success, and working toward success. For some, success comes easy, almost naturally. For others, it is as elusive as a summer breeze. One thing is certain, countless men and women have beaten the odds and achieved remarkable success, and in doing so,...

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  • The simple and natural method of healing through the personality, by means of yhe essence of wild flowers, discovered by Edward Bach.

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  • This is a simple guide to understanding how diseases occur, their symptoms, and their effects. It is written for both practitioners of alternative medicine, as well as the layperson looking for a clearer understanding of common illnesses and medical terminology.

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  • This comprehensive volume provides thorough theoritical and practical information on how to apply low levr laser therapy in the treatment of chronic, especially musculoskeletal and myofascial pain and disfunctiun, vascular disturbances, wound and ulcer treatment, etc. Special attention has been given to LLLT in acupuncture. An exhaustive review of the...

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  • Dr Elizabeth Wright Hubbard was one of the most brilliant homoeopaths of the twentieth century. This book represents a large part of her teaching and writing, setting before the reader her great gift of being able to describe homoeopathy in a way that imprinted itself in the minds of all who studied with her. She begins by examining the nature and...

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  • Demonstrates how sensible dietary and lifestyle practices can boost natural immunity and reduce the risk of disease.

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  • Les Remèdes Floraux ont le pouvoir de diminuer progressivement nos traits de caractère négatifs et ainsi, de permettre à l'être que nous sommes réellement de se réveiller, d'exprimer ses besoins essentiels et de là d'aller vers ce pourquoi il s'est toujours senti destiné. Les Remèdes floraux sont donc des amis pour toute personne intéressée par le chemin...

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  • A travers une approche à la fois scientifique et théorique de la physique et de la chimie, René Jacquier expose ses conceptions de la matière, des forces et des systèmes énergétiques qui permettent l'association des atonies et des molécules, des propriétés de la lumière, du courant électrique, des échanges d'énergies... Ses théories élaborées et publiées...

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  • Le moyen âge des ostéopathes a été écrit par Gérard CAZANAVE D.O. qui connu comme un auteur et ont écrit beaucoup de livres intéressants avec une grande narration. Le moyen âge des ostéopathes a été l'un des livres de populer sur 2016. Il contient pages et disponible sur format . Ce livre a été très surpris en raison de sa note rating et a obtenu environ...

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  • Complementary Therapies in Rehabilitation: Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention, and Wellness, Second Edition has been revised and updated to include the latest information in the field of complementary therapies/medicine. This evidence-based text now includes an analytical report on the research conducted with each therapy, more detail regarding...

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  • Are you serious about your Tai Chi practice? Then 101 Reflections on Tai Chi Chuan is the book for you! Chock-full of insights, advice, and observations from a long time teacher and champion, designed to help you get the most from your practice. Discover the remarkable health and spiritual benefits that Tai Chi can offer, with this user-friendly,...

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  • Impressive Results for Slow-healing WoundsAn Ancient Treatment - RediscoveredFly larvae have been used for centuries to successfully treat wounds. However, once penicillin was discovered, and antibiotic therapy became common worldwide, maggot therapy was forgotten. But now that bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to modern antibiotics, maggot...

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  • Ba gua is one of the internal styles of the Chinese martial arts, a "circular" walking technique that helps train the mind and body to recognize and accept change. Characterized by its spinning movements and extremely evasive footwork, ba gua is often used as a means to protect others, much like a good mother holding her child’s hand as they cross a busy...

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  • Scheid, a medical anthropologist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, offers a revealing and provocative study that accepts plurality as the intrinsic and nonreducible aspect of traditional medical practice in contemporary China. By interweaving traditional anthropological concepts with the threads of science and technology, social psychology, and...

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  • Here, at last, is the clearest explanation of the phenomenon of homoeopathy.

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  • While there are more than 6,000 Chinese medicinals described in the Chinese medical literature on herbal medicine, only about 260 of these are typically used in day to day clinical practice. This book describes the clinical uses of this core repertoire of Chinese medicinals. This book is the ABCs of the art of practicing Chinese herbal medicine.

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  • A full presentation of the responsibilites of Holistic Healthcare Facilitator, the philosophy and origins of Reiki, and informative chapters on metabolic imbalances.

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  • This is a breakthrough book as was Dr. Harold Saxton Burr's Blueprint for >Immortality. As a direct result of the author's findings medical research can now lead to earlier and more successful treatment of fatal illness.

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  • Le présent ouvrage ne prétend enseigner ni l'art ni la technologie des bâtiments antiques chinois. C'est un document simple qui s'adresse à tous ceux qui cherchent à comprendre comment sont conçus et réalisés ces bâtiments qui les impressionnent tant. C'est un traité essentiel à l'usage d'un large public tel que touristes en architecture et en génie...

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  • An indispensable book in any Feng Shui collection, with full-color illustrations and in-depth references on all the most popular good fortune symbols. Learn what brings prosperity luck, what causes improved health, what can help attract love and romance and what brings continuous success. Illustrations.

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  • The subtle art of energy management for prosperity, good health, and calm mind has been introduced to the West through feng shui. Until now the ancient practice of vaastu, the Hindu art of environmental design, has been relatively unknown. Born of the movement of forces within the trinity of the great Hindu gods--Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva--vaastu is the...

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  • La thèse du Dr Peter J. D'Adamo, établissant l'étroite relation entre notre groupe sanguin et nos besoins diététiques, est désormais accréditée par la recherche, et a changé la vie de millions de lecteurs. Les aliments de base les plus bénéfiques à votre santé. Les portions hebdomadaires préconisées pour chacun d'entre eux. Les aliments à éviter. Les...

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  • Het Dr. Houts unit is allereerst bedoeld voor kankerpatiënten en hun familieleden die actief willen meewerken aan de verbetering van hun conditie door middel van voedingstherapie waarin een maximale hoeveelheid kankerremmende en gezondheid-bevorderende stoffen is opgenomen, in combinatie met het gebruik van hoge doseringen vitaminen mineralen en...

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  • An introduction to the ancient and current Indian science of ayurvedic medicine. Chapters on history, basic principles, food, pathology and diagnosis are included. Ayurveda is essentially herbalist, very ancient and very thorough. This book is relatively jargon-free and is based on core ancient Indian texts.

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  • SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI In her latest groundbreaking book, LILLIAN TOO reveals the secret practices of SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI that directly addresses the third dimension of LUCK transformation... the vital THIRD DIMENSION.

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  • In diesem ausführlichen und umfassenden Lehrbuch geht es um Sie, die Sie Ihren Beruf als Körpertherapeut - oder Ihre Berufung, wenn Sie die Arbeit nicht professionell ausüben - lieben und lernen wollen, während der Behandlungen selbst Kraft zu gewinnen.

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  • This book includes several secret magic rituals (Opening the Altar, Summoning Immortals, Fire Rituals, etc.), as well as the secret Zheng Yi sacred manual known as Absorbing the Riches of the Profound.

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  • Spiritual Magic for Everyday Living. This exciting interpretation of the ancient principles of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism explains how to activate universal luck to create true abundance.

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  • In 1626, a young man named Fei Shangyou moved his family to Menghe, a small town in the Yangzi delta of China. According to family legend, he abandoned his career as a scholar and began working as a physician. In doing so, he founded a medical lineage that continues to the present day. This book describes the development, flourishing, and decline of this...

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  • Discover the secrets of Chinese Personal Forecasting in this complete book as Lillian Too opens up the world of Chinese Astrology and makes Destiny Analysis accessible to everyone.

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