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Sémiologie et thérapeutique en médecine énergétique orientale Sémiologie et thérapeutique en médecine énergétique orientale
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Sémiologie et...

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Attention: Toutes les pages sont parfaitement lisibles, mais la couverture et une partie des pages sont légèrement ondulées en haut à gauche  suite parce que le livre a été mouillé légèrement. (traces d'humidité)

Management of acute and chronic neck pain - an evidence-based approach
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Management of acute...

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Until recently most attention was focussed on low back pain but now the key area of interest for new research is neck pain and related headache often associated with whiplash or poor posture in working environments such as using computers.

Mentoring and Diversity - An international perspective
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Mentoring and...

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Organizations with a diverse workforce will have a leading edge in the New World economy. 'Mentoring and Diversity' illustrates the importance of mentoring as a proactive tool in diversity initiatives, and demonstrates how mentoring can be used to recruit, develop and retain a diverse and innovative workforce.

Marital Crisis and Short-Term Counseling - A Casebook
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Marital Crisis and...

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"In a graceful style, Dorothy R. Freeman explains the concepts, principles, and skills that underlie her work with young, middle-aged, and elderly couples in marital crisis and with those preparing for marriage, divorce, or remarriage. Complete case histories provide an exciting look inside the process of marital counseling. This casebook is a wise and clear guide to practitioners, stude...