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  • Le kiwi, véritable source de vitamine C, couvre non seulement les besoins journaliers d'un adulte mais contient aussi deux fois plus de cette vitamine qu'une orange.

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  • Ki - vital energy or life-force - is a concept which is integral to the Oriental martial and healing arts. This book provides such a perspective, through the story of Koichi Tohei, a contemporary master of Ki. Part I tells the story of Tohei's life, the intensive training and challenges he faced trying to introduce the martial art of Aikido to a doubtful...

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  • Chinese Medicine has used the healing properties of herbs for centuries. Now, an esteemed professor of Chinese medicine, Henry C. Lu, has put together this collection of over 100 ancient herbal healing techniques that are as stimulating to the mind as they are to the body. Find out how they were discovered and how to use their amazing cures. Classic tales...

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  • This book briefly describes the origin, nature, taste, channel tropism, efficacy, indication and direction of Chinese materia medica. Under the topic of indication, for instance, a summary of the conventional description is presented and recent development of clinical application is also covered. The handbook may serve as reference material for TCM...

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  • Designed for easy study and reference, this is a complete manual of diagnosis and therapy in the practice of Chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Fan covers important basic concepts as well as causes of disease, classification of symptoms, methods of diagnosis, preventive measures, 342 formulas for common compound drugs, and more.

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  • The book provides a collection of 355 efficient, valuable and most famous Chinese patent medicines which are classified in six categories: medicine for internal diseases, gynecopathy, pediatric and surgical diseases, the diseases of five sense organs and health care.

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  • Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind

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  • Aren’t you having stressful days? Aren’t you feeling sick, or having worries at work or home?If you change your way of thinking and your mental attitude a little, your days will be much happier and more cheerful.Then, you will be aware that you are a member of your family and of mankind, and will come to know how you should live and how to deal with...

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  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Child and Adolescent Care highlights the contribution of complementary and alternative medicine to paediatric health care. In three clearly defined sections, it will be an invaluable guide for paediatric nurses, health visitors, and nursery nurses as well as other health practitioners including physiotherapists...

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  • Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is a popular form of Chinese exercise which uses the body's vital energy (qi or chi) to make us stronger, healthier and live longer. Qigong for Healing and Relaxation is an ideal, fully illustrated, guide to better health and is suitable for people new to Qigong and more experienced students.

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  • A roadrnap for easily navigating through the complexities of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine: Modern Applications of Traditional Formulas presents information about herbal formulas...

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  • Oui, "A...comme Bouddha" : parce que l'état de Bouddha n'est pas quelque chose que l'on acquiert à la suite de pratiques mystiques exténuantes, mais quelque chose d'inné, qui est présent en nous depuis l'origine...

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