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  • We have edited a series of books for self-study which will form the basis of a series of publications to enlighten those who have some basic knowledge of what Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about. The publications will enhance the knowledge and bring further understanding of the essence and teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will bring...

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  • These pages present the philosophy, art, history, and practice of this highly successful discipline in an easy-to-read style.

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  • Ki - vital energy or life-force - is a concept which is integral to the Oriental martial and healing arts. This book provides such a perspective, through the story of Koichi Tohei, a contemporary master of Ki. Part I tells the story of Tohei's life, the intensive training and challenges he faced trying to introduce the martial art of Aikido to a doubtful...

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  • Foot Reflexology is based on paths of energy which run from the head to the feet in more or less parallel lines. On these paths there are a number of places where treatment can influence the entire organism. On the foot these places form the starting points for foot reflexologr massage.The positions of the reflexes are clearly shown in a series of...

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  • Veel mensen weten niet hoe ze met hun lichaam om moeten gaan. Op den duur krijgen ze de rekening gepresenteerd in de vorm van pijnen en kwalen. Rugklachten zijn daarvan wel de meest voorkomende.

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  • Chinese Medicine has used the healing properties of herbs for centuries. Now, an esteemed professor of Chinese medicine, Henry C. Lu, has put together this collection of over 100 ancient herbal healing techniques that are as stimulating to the mind as they are to the body. Find out how they were discovered and how to use their amazing cures. Classic tales...

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  • Grounded in ancient hands-on methods of diagnosis and treatment while encompassing the innovations of the early experimental osteopaths, craniosacrally-based treatment is now one of the most successful and fastest-growing approaches to mind-body healing. Providing access to the unity of structure and function in the organism, such therapy offers a...

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  • This book briefly describes the origin, nature, taste, channel tropism, efficacy, indication and direction of Chinese materia medica. Under the topic of indication, for instance, a summary of the conventional description is presented and recent development of clinical application is also covered. The handbook may serve as reference material for TCM...

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  • The aim of this book is to give the student and public alike a clear understanding of reflexology, how it works, and why it differs from other therapies. The scope of the work and its all-embracing range of benefits is remarkable. Massaging the reflex areas of the feet helps to increase blood circulation and relax tension in the nervous system. It also...

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  • Designed for easy study and reference, this is a complete manual of diagnosis and therapy in the practice of Chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Fan covers important basic concepts as well as causes of disease, classification of symptoms, methods of diagnosis, preventive measures, 342 formulas for common compound drugs, and more.

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  • How come about as many people have foot problems as have back problems -that is, nearly everybody? As this unique book shows you, the chances are, if your feet are killing you, that it's the other way round-your feet are what you make them.

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  • The book provides a collection of 355 efficient, valuable and most famous Chinese patent medicines which are classified in six categories: medicine for internal diseases, gynecopathy, pediatric and surgical diseases, the diseases of five sense organs and health care.

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