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  • We have edited a series of books for self-study which will form the basis of a series of publications to enlighten those who have some basic knowledge of what Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about. The publications will enhance the knowledge and bring further understanding of the essence and teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This will bring...

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  • Anthroposophical medicine is conventional medicine with an added extra dimension. For all its invaluable achievements, conventional practice is limited by its foundation on natural science - the science of the physical world. Diseases are analysed in terms of cellular disturbances and drugs prescribed to counteract physical symptoms. Yet, in order to...

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  • Grounded in ancient hands-on methods of diagnosis and treatment while encompassing the innovations of the early experimental osteopaths, craniosacrally-based treatment is now one of the most successful and fastest-growing approaches to mind-body healing. Providing access to the unity of structure and function in the organism, such therapy offers a...

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  • It is well recognized that some 20-30% of visits to the GP are in some way related to the locomotor system. Many rheumatological problems are easily dealt with in the GP's surgery, but the chronic disorders may require the GP to liaise with various specialists and to educate patients about their illnesses. The purpose of this book is to direct the GP's...

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  • The aim of this book is to give the student and public alike a clear understanding of reflexology, how it works, and why it differs from other therapies. The scope of the work and its all-embracing range of benefits is remarkable. Massaging the reflex areas of the feet helps to increase blood circulation and relax tension in the nervous system. It also...

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  • How come about as many people have foot problems as have back problems -that is, nearly everybody? As this unique book shows you, the chances are, if your feet are killing you, that it's the other way round-your feet are what you make them.

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  • Dr. Felix Mann, President of the Medical Acupuncture Society, is one of the outstanding Western practitioners of the ancient Chinese art, which he has been using for some years in London.

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  • Dr. Verma teaches how to channel mental, spiritual, and sexual energy into healing energy. If you want to live a sensuous and emotionally fulfilled life, her philosophy of a gentle but joyous compassion for all life will surely be an inspiration!

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  • The advances of modern biomedicine have provided a sophisticated but somewhat mechanistic approach to healih. It is an approach which is able to function well in emergencies, but which has fallen down in the more basic areas of maintaining and creating health.

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  • Many therapists provide psycho-educational information and recommend helpful literature to their clients as a means of promoting growth and change in between sessions. This unique sourcebook provides a comprehensive collection of over 100 concise, informative handouts for distribution to your current or prospective clients.

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  • De traditionele anatomische werken zijn vaak geschreven als leidraad bij de dissectie en studie van het lijk.-nbsp;Voor de chirurg is deze benadering wellicht uiterst geschikt, maar voor studenten die geïnteresseerd zijn in de studie van de levende mens en deze kennis functioneel willen gebruiken bij het begrijpen van de mechanismen van de menselijke...

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  • The best selling book for Holistic Therapists by Francesca Gould has now been updated and revised with a new full colour design. Written specifically for Holistic Therapists covering the Diploma in Holistic Therapy (VTCT) and now also providing full coverage of the Diploma in Complimentary Therapies (ITEC).

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