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T'ai Chi Ch'uan and I Ching - A Choreography of Body and Mind
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T'ai Chi Ch'uan and I...

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T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a form of Chinese gymnastics based on concepts stemming from the I Ching and Taoism. It is an age-old exercise art for relaxation and self-defence, which promotes mental as well as physical well-being, and many people believe it can contribute to a better and a happier life in today's competitive society. 

Tai Ji Quand - Das Dao der Bewegung
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Tai Ji Quand - Das Dao...

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Tai Ji Quan is Meditation in Bewegung und geht auf die chinesische Gymnastik zurück. Die Übungen dienen seit altersher der Stärkung der Körperkräfte, der Krankheitsvorbeugung und der Selbstverteidigung. Ziel ist die harmonische Verbindung von Bewusstsein und Vorstellung mit dem Atem und den Körperbewegungen.

Tai Chi, voor rust en harmonie - Voor beginners en gevorderden
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Tai Chi, voor rust en...

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Tai Chi of Taijiquan is een harmonieuze bewegingsleer die voortkomt uit een eeuwenoude traditionele Chinese lichaamscultuur. Meer dan alleen maar een vechtkunst is het een levenswijze en filosofie waarin de beheersing van het eigen lichaam centraal staat.

Tai Chi Dynamics - Principles of Natural Movement, Health and Self-dev
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Tai Chi Dynamics -...

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Tai Chi Dynamics is intended for intermediate and advanced Taiji players. The author has been a Taiji practitioner for thirty-seven years and with a Ph.D. in experimental physics. He applies logic and basic scientific principles of anatomy, physiology, and physics to muscular action, breathing, and alignment in Taiji movement and push-hands. He clarifies, in depth, many perplexing concep...

Lost Tai-chi Classics from the Late Ch'ing Dynasty
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Lost Tai-chi Classics...

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Douglas Wile translates and analyzes four collections of recently released nineteenth-century manuscripts on T'ai-chi ch'uan. These writings of Wu's older brothers Ch'eng-ch'ing and Ju-ch'ing, and his nephew Li I-yu, together with the transmissions of Yang Pan-hou, represent a significant addition to the seminal literature. The rich new texts allow us to make a fresh survey of longstandi...