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After suicide - A Workbook for Grieving Kids
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After suicide - A...

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Since 1982, The Dougy Center, The National Center for Grieving Children - Families has provided peer support for thousands of children, teens and their families who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or friend.

Lehrbuch der Strukturellen Osteopathie beim Pferd
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Lehrbuch der...

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Pascal Evrard, Pferde-/Human-Osteopath und Gründer der International School of Equine Osteopathy, schafft mit vorliegendem Lehrbuch erstmals einen systematischen Zugang zur Strukturellen Osteopathie beim Pferd.

Sedation und Anasthesie des Pferdes
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Sedation und...

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Die tierärztliche Spezialisierung wird immer unabdingbarer - die fachliche Information dabei aber immer unübersichtlicher. In praxisnaher Form faßt der Autor die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse der Sedation, Anästhesie und Schmerzunterdrückung beim Pferd zusammen.

Models of Brief Psychodynamic Therapy - A Comparative Approach
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Models of Brief...

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This practical and scholarly text presents a comprehensive review and evaluation of the theory, research, and practice of psychodynamically oriented brief psychotherapy. Offering in-depth discussions of the major clinical and theoretical approaches; chapters explore commonalities and differences in patient selection, theory of personality and psychopathology, theory of change, and techni...

COMPOUND Q -  Trichosanthin and its Clinical Applications
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"Even if someone knew nothing about trichosanthin, he would have a very good understanding of the subject upon completing this book. It is written in such a way as to make it accessible to both the doctor and the patient." Rui Jin, M.C.

Theory of high dilutions and experimental aspects
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Theory of high...

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In this work, the authors springing from different scientific disciplines set down in common their knowledge and experiences to provide one explicit model of the nature and of the working of "High Dilutions". This original and multi disciplinary concensus has, as consequence, integrated the mechanism of the High Dilutions into the corpus of the Science and is in harmony with S. Hahneman...