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  • In the first Western educational textbook on acupuncture, Mark Seem offers a lucid view of the body's energetic, meridian systems and develops a comprehensive approach to both diagnosis and treatment planning in acupuncture. Acupuncture Energetics opens with a discussion of Eight Principle diagnosis and Five Phase diagnosis, leading toward an integration...

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  • We rarely have the opportunity to share the reflections of another practitioner on their practice.

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  • A guide for the design and development of acupuncture-based chemical dependency treatment programs.

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  • Cet ouvrage n'est pas une encyclopédie des indications des points d'acupuncture.

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  • This book has two parts: Part One gives a basic knowledge of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, including Jingluo (meridians and collaterals), standard location, properties, actions, point indications and methods, specific points and their clinical applications, treatment yrinciples, selection of points, and comprehensive details of the arts of...

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  • Le premier ouvrage en français traitant spécifiquement du diagnostic des maladies neuroologiques courantes selon la médecine traditionelle chinoise (MTC) et de leurs traitements par acuponcture. La fréquence des maladies neurologiques ne cesse d'augmenter et de nombreuses recherches sont entreprises au niveau mondial pour essayer de mieux les comprendre...

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  • Single Point Acupuncture and Moxibustion for 100 Diseases is a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guide to the clinical application of single point acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, with a special emphasis on methods and needle techniques.

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  • This book covers both traditional theories of Chinese acupuncture and the author's personal experiences in his many years of clinicalpractice. Over 200 cases are recorded in detail, covering nature, clinical manifestations, treatment, and practical and instructive remarks.

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  • What sets this book apart from other textbooks is its total clinical approach. It is practice oriented, teaching step-by-step how to diagnose and treat the patient, therefore making it a must for every acupuncturist, beginning and advanced. This book can also be used by the physician, osteopath or chiropractor who has a budding interest in the topic....

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  • Throughout history, acupuncture has provided painless, low-cost, non-invasive relief for conditions ranging from back pain and headaches to cancer and AIDS. As Americans seck viable, costeffective health care alternatives, the benefits of acupuncture are gaining new respect in the West. In this guide, Marie Cargill, a licensed acupuncturist, demystifies...

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