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  • Chinese doctors of antiquity have strongly asserted a great many times that, "Medicine is connected to the I Ching". This might also be translated as, "Medicine is made intelligible by the I Ching, or even "Medicine opens through the I Ching". Sun Si-miao said, "Without understanding the I Ching, it is not possible to become a supreme doctor (tai yi)"....

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  • Chinese medical knowledge is based on an understanding of the processes of yin yang and the five elements. Chapter five of the Neijing Suwen, the first part of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, lays out these principles.

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  • Ce précis traite des "maladies internes" vues sous l'angle de la médecine chinoise et de leur approche thérapeutique en pharmacopée chinoise. Ce deuxième volume présente l'étude et le traitement des maladies du Rein, des maladies systématiques, des maladies du Qi, du Sang et des Liquides organiques, ainsi que des maladies endocriniennes et immunologiques.

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  • En médecine traditionnelle chinoise, l'obstruction thoracique (Xiong Bi) comprend l'angor et l'infarctus du myocarde (athérosclérose des artères coronaires). C'est un sujet à approfondir car le taux de mortalité par cette maladie demeure très élevé dans les pays occidentaux. Cet ouvrage permet justement aux étudiants et aux praticiens de la MTC d'étudier...

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  • This book is a beginner's primer on the study of Chinese medicinal formulas and prescriptions. In it, Dr. Flaws describes 70 essential TCM formulas - one, two, or three formulas from each of 20 or so categories of TCM formulas. Using this core repertoire of formulas, the beginning practitioner will be able to treat the majority of patients they encounter....

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  • This book offers a clear illustration of the [continued modernization of acupuncture techniques.] These techniques, based on a long tradition, but increasingly subject to scientific investigation, have been used in developing areas to create a truly social medicine accessible even in rural areas where modern health facilities are not always available.

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  • This comprehensive guide syntnesizes the principles and practices of Hippocratic, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Persian medicine. It also includes the first English translation of one of the handbooks of Avicenna, the "Prince of Physicians", whose healing system is explained and elaborated with recipes to maintain optimum immune system vitality.

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  • Since most diabetics usually rely on pharmacotherapy without due attention to non-pharmacotherapies, their condition is often aggravated rapidly which brings not only adverse impact on their physical and mental health but also a burden on their families. This book concentrates on such non-pharmacotherapies as psychotherapy, kinesitherapy, Qigong therapy,...

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  • Translations of more than 500 random clinical trials from the Chinese Journal Literature

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  • This fascinating book is for anyone who ever wanted to know how - and if - acupuncture, herbal remedies, and psychic healing actually work effectively as medical treatments. Taking a forthright look at Qi, the "vital force" of Chinese medicine, an American doctor probes the mysteries of ancient Chinese skills with both a healthy skepticism and an...

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