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  • A complete guide to detailed biomedical and Chinese medecine information on over 100 of the most important formulas.

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  • Designed specifically for classroom-oriented study, the first section of this text compares the actions and indications of substances in eleven categories such as exterior-releasing herbs or tonics. In effect, it is an applied materia medica that offers distinctions based on principles that can be applied in the development or modification of formulas....

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  • This work is a presentation of TCM prepared ("patent") medicines by an experienced Chinese practitioner who has significant experience training American students and treating American patients. Each formula is identified by Chinese, pinyin and a "generic" English name. Thus, cross reference is possible without reference to characters. Ingredient names are...

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  • In China,Ten Lectures on the Use of Formulas, like Professor Jiao's Ten Lectures on the Use of Medicinals, is read by virtually every student of Chinese medicine. Professor Jiao is not only a nationally recognized master but also a teacher and author whose works are considered essential for the aspiring Chinese physician.

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  • This volume gives readers the familiarity with the script, strokes, meaning, usage, and pronounciation of the most common characters that compromise many medicinal names. Often, these names provide additional insights into the substances themselves. The relative frequency of these characters in medical Chinese makes this text a must for any student or...

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  • Presents the ingredients, method of preparation and administration, indications, and contradictions of over 200 authentic Chinese medicinal wines. These medicinal wines are especially useful for the treatment of traumatic injuries, bi syndromes, and debility in the aged

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  • A beginner's primer on the study of Chinese medicinal formulas and prescriptions. In it, Dr. Flaws describes 70 essential TCM formulas - one, two, or three formulas for each of the 20 or so categories of TCM formulas. Using this core repertoire of formulas, the beginning practitioner will be able to treat the majority of patients they encounter. Rather...

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  • This publication is a translation from the French book Utilisation Clinique de la Pharmacopée Chinoise: Les Substances Medicinales Préparées by Philippe Sionneau. It is the first such publication in any Western language to discuss in a practical and exhaustive manner the study of pao zhi, the processing of medicinal substances for enhanced therapeutic...

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  • Last copies: cover may be discoloured from time.

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  • A concise and easily understood guidebook to Chinese herbal medicine. The Way to Good Health with Chinese Herbs covers diet therapy for various problems and outlines herbal formulas for specific diseases.

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