• Si l’acupuncture, technique des aiguilles, constitue la branche la plus connue de la médecine chinoise, la moxibustion, technique des moxas, serait apparue dans l’Histoire bien avant celle des aiguilles. La moxibustion est un procédé de chauffage par combustion, sous différentes formes, d’une plante spécifique : l’armoise ou artémis vulgaris.

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  • From his more than 30 years of clinical practice, the author puts forth a systematic exposition of the clinical research and application of moxibustion, providing detailed first-hand data.

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  • For the first time in English, this new book by Lorraine Wilcox covers in detail what the classic Chinese medical literature says about the use of moxibustion and how to apply this information in your clinic. Features: A complete history of the use of moxibustion in China from the Han dynasty (200 BCE) through modern times. Practical protocols using many...

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  • This book is an accessible and highly readable introduction to all the major aspects of this vast tradition. Tropics covered include: the foundation of traditional medicine in Chinese history; the theory of chi (energy) and how it influences health; the Chinese approach to health, happiness, and longevity; the use of Chinese herbal medicine and herbal...

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  • This text explains the many approaches which can be utilized when treating a patient, and shows the type of treatment most suited to various conditions and the best way in which to administer the treatment. Based on forty years of practical experience, much of the information in this hook will be new and of great value to practitioners in the field, both...

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